Graduate Entry Medical School Admissions System (GEMSAS)

GEMPASS Australia offers an on-line application and matching system for applicants to Australian graduate-entry medical schools.  GEMSAS increases the number of preferences available for applicants to medical schools from three to six, and provides a more equitable and transparent allocation process.  GEMSAS also manages applications for the University of Melbourne's Dentistry and Optometry courses.

GEMSAS manages applications, calculates grade point averages (GPAs) and applies individual school selection rules to:

  • allocate an applicant to an offer of an interview at the highest preferred medical school for which he or she is both eligible and ranked within the quota;
  • allocate an applicant to an offer of a place at the highest preferred medical school for which he or she is both eligible and ranked within the quota.

Features of GEMSAS are:

  • Applicants submit a single on-line application.
  • Applicants are able to list up to six preferences.
  • Applicants who completed undergraduate or postgraduate study at Australian universities that participate in the Automated Results Transfer System (ARTS) will have their results retrieved electronically. This significantly reduces the number of applicants required to obtain original transcripts of results. This feature is NOW available to applicants for the University of Melbourne’s Dentistry and Optometry courses.
  • We will use the GPA from the most recently completed qualifying (key) degree and this may include a degree you will complete in the year in which you apply, except for UWA who consider the most recent three years FTE of valid study (see UWA school website for details of what study is included). See all schools' entries in the Admissions Guides for more details
  • Individual medical schools’ selection rules are applied to each preference listed by applicants.
  • A computer match allocates eligible and highly ranked applicants to interviews at their highest possible preferenced medical schools.
  • Interview scores are standardised for use by all medical schools so that the interview score can be incorporated into the selection methods of all preferenced medical schools.
  • Following interviews, a second computer match allocates successful applicants to offers of a place according to their preferences and the selection rules of preferenced medical schools.  Applicants completing the final year of their qualifying degree will receive provisional or conditional offers.
  • Following the release of final semester results, provisional or conditional offers will be confirmed for applicants who have met specified criteria such as completion of a degree and GPA requirements.
  • An applicant who has not completed their key degree or (if required) achieved a satisfactory GPA will be informed that a conditional offer has been withdrawn. The place will be offered to the highest ranked unsuccessful applicant at that medical school.