GAMSAT candidates are responsible for determining their eligibility to apply for a place in Medicine, Dentistry or Optometry.  Applicants are selected for interview based on one or more of the following criteria:

  • performance in GAMSAT;
  • performance in a qualifying/key degree (as indicated by GPA);
  • performance in a special application or written application (where required);
  • performance in the Casper test (where required).

Types of places – Medicine only

When allocations are being made, schools will allocate quotas for each offer type. The allocation will be made using that school’s ranked list in order: CSP, BMP and FEE (if applicable). Some schools will ask you to rank all offer types and some will just want you to indicate which offer types you are prepared to accept if offered. You will receive only one offer and that will be for only one type of place. Commonwealth Supported Places (CSP) are available as are Bonded Medical Program places (BMP) and many local sub-quotas for rural or community-based places. International fee places are offered at most graduate entry medical schools and domestic fee places are offered at some schools.

Rural and Indigenous applicants

Schools have a variety of sub-quotas and places reserved for applicants from indigenous applicants and applicants with a rural background, or who are from a specific local area.  Please ensure that you provide all relevant details relating to your indigenous background or time you have spent in a rural or regional area so you can be considered for these places.  Schools sometimes waive aspects of their selection criteria for rural or indigenous applicants.


Schools will conduct interviews in September and October. You will be notified by the school if you are successful in gaining an interview.  Note that you will have only one interview by schools of GEMPASS Australia.  Your interview score will be standardised for use by other schools if you are not successful in gaining an offer of a place at the school at which you were interviewed.

Interviews are either structured, or multiple mini interviews.

Please visit school websites or Medical Schools Information for details of interview dates.

Interview offers

  • Offers of interviews for all medical schools will be run in August.
  • Offers of interviews for all medical schools will be made by early September.

Offers of places – main round

  • Schools will make the main round of offers of places in medical schools in late October/early November.
  • Each school has an overall quota they need to fill, and many also have sub-quotas within the overall quota.
  • Please visit school websites or Medical Schools Information for details of quotas and sub-quotas.

Offers of places – subsequent offers

  • Further offers may be made up until the middle of January to fill any vacancies.